The Dunham Farms Award-Winning Animals

Silkie Chicken Awards

Meet Smooth:

Smooth is an adorable Black Silkie Pullet winning awards and loving life. Seen here winning first place in her class and Best of Variety in all Black silkies!!! Way to go smooth!

Way to go Martin!!!

BEST VARIETY SPLASH & RESERVE VARIETY SPLASH AS WELL!!! We are proud to have provided these two silkies from The Dunham Farm for Martin!!!

That make three varieties now where students we have helped have won top honors in their variety!!!

Congratulations to everyone!!!

Congratulations to Abigail!

Her little blue silkie pullet from The Dunham Farm took Best Variety.

Abigail also took Reserve Variety with her partridge silkie pullet and her splash was only beaten by another FFA student who got her Best of Variety and Reserve Variety splash from The Dunham Farm as well.

Congratulations to everyone!!!

We have been breeding show quality poultry on the Dunham Farm since 1972. If you are looking for some silkies for sale, give us a call.

Congratulations Mary

First place black non bearded silkie pullet at The 2023 Fort Worth Stock Show

Meet Petunia:

Petunia is a splash pullet who has won multiple APA/ABA first place wins and has won both Best in Variety and Reserve Variety as well!

Meet Young Blood:

Young blood is an extremely young paint cockerel with tons of potential and he already has multiple first place wins and a couple Reserve Varieties under his belt.

Meet Crisp:

Crisp is a tiny white cockerel with tons of potential. Crisp already has multiple first place wins under his belt

Meet Sweetie Pie:

First place splash pullet and Reserve Variety

Congrats to Malory of Colorado

She has won several first place ribbons as well as Best of Breed with her silkies she purchased from The Dunham Farm Great job young lady!!! We are so happy for you.

Congrats Malory!

First Place in her class and Best Of Variety silkie at an APA show in Colorado with one of her silkies she purchased from The Dunham Farm. 

Netherland Dwarf Bunny Awards

Congratulations Breeze!

Breeze just won champion Netherland Dwarf and Reserve Grand Champion over all breeds with her Netherland Dwarf buck from The Dunham Farm. Way to go young lady! We are so proud of you!

Congrats Aryn Lesley!

Aryn just won GRAND CHAMPION at a recent show with one of our Netherland Dwarf bunnies from The Dunham Farm. Way to care for your bunny Aryn. Hard work rewarded. We are soooooo happy for you!

Congratulations Lauren!

Lauren’s Netherland Dwarf was not only a champion in its class but won Best of Variety as well!

The Dunham Farm Netherland Dwarfs headed to Japan again this year for the third year in a row… congrats to my friend Osamu. He and several others from Japan are enjoying our outstanding quality Netherland Dwarfs in Japan

Congratulations Hannah!

So happy for you! 

Congratulations to Grace from Oklahoma.

She just won a championship at her local Oklahoma rabbit show… in that same show she also won Reserve Best In Show!

Congratulations to Gabe!

Gabe’s Blue Silver Martin from The Dunham Farm just won champion in its class and Best Of Variety as well at a recent ARBA show.