Silkies do not fly or pearch on a roost like other breeds of chickens. They tend to want to stay at the lowest level of any structure, unless conditioned to do otherwise. We recommend a single story structure for silkies and there is no need for a roost either since Silkies can not fly. That being said, if you already own a two story chicken coop, make sure the ramp from the top part to the bottom part is a solid ramp, and not a ladder. You can use fake grass carpet or struts across the ramp to give the Silkie better traction in getting up and down.

The angle of the ramp is crucial. We recommend no more than a 30 degree angle. There are a few tricks in order to get Silkies to use the ramps:

  1. The younger you start a silkie using a ramp, the easier it will be for them to get use to it.
  2. Always start your Silkies on the top story of the structure.
  3. Make sure the only access they have to feed and water is on the top floor, never down below, or they have no reason to go up the ramp once they are down below.
  4. We recommend keeping your Silkies in the upper room for a few weeks with out letting them out, then after all those days and nights open The Ark or door to the chicken ramp for them to go down to the lower level. This can take several days for them to do, but once they do it on their own, they will know how.
  5. You may have to train them over a few weeks by walking them down the ramp in the morning and up the ramp at night.

Be patient, take your time and enjoy the sweetest fluffy chicken on the planet… the Silkie.