The Dunham Farm is nestled into a beautiful old growth pecan forest just 15 minutes south of downtown Fort Worth, Texas.  

The current Dunham boys are the fourth generation of Dunhams to raise extremely high quality poultry, rabbits and game birds. Though the Dunhams have raised a multitude of species… what you see on this website represents the current focus.

Congratulations to Cameron Dunham! As the youngest member in the Dunham family, he has achieved something his brothers, father, grandfather and great grandfather had not.  Cameron recently won “Best Display” of Netherland Dwarfs at the 2017 ARBA National Convention.  Cameron has spent at least 2-3 hours a day, every day (seven days a week) for nearly 10 years, as the sole caregiver and steward of his Netherland Dwarfs in order to earn that honor.  We are all proud of you Cameron.  your hard work and dedication has paid off.

The Dunham Farm bloodlines focus:

*To exceed the Standard Of Perfection for every species of animal on the farm. (this will have great impacton health issues and life expectancy – call us to learn more.

* Exemplary temperments – again, call us to learn more.

The majority of our customers just want backyard egg layers or a pet bunny… but some want to compete at shows and come to us to get the best.  Either way, you will want to give us a call before you make your purchase.  We promise if you give us a few minutes we can save you a great deal of heart ache that come from an impulse purchase. 

If you want to show in 4-H, FFA or ARBA, we have helped countless young people for deacdes and would love to help you as well.  A couple years ago, Cameron decided to mainly attend the largest national shows and begin helping other students and families be more successful He  has already seen multiple people win County Fair Grand Championships and Reseve Championships with his bunnies in several states across the USA… and has helped several people in other countries win shows with his rabbits as well.  

The Dunham Farm Silkies have been reported to be winning shows in multiple states as well.  Congradulations to all those families!

Dwarf Bunnies for Sale

Next Steps:

STEP 1: Give us a call.  (no texts or emails please)

STEP 2: Once we have spoken, we will set up an appointment and give you the physical address.  (We do not give out the address without an appointment since The Dunham Farm is our family homestead first and foremost)

STEP 3: Come on out to the farm!

(Call for availability.)

Netherland Dwarfs
(Call for availability.)

Red Golden Pheasants
(Call for availability.)

We LOVE Dunham Farm! We’ve gotten some really great Silkies there and now a Dwarf Bunny. It’s just the friendliest most docile pet we could have asked for. The Silkies are really good quality birds too. The owner is extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. We HIGHLY recommend them.

Mick Harrison

Wonderful place to buy chickens! Todd is very nice and very helpful and informative! I highly suggest this place if you are wanting to buy chicken(s). There are so many to pick from and Todd is very helpful about telling you about each one and helpful when trying to decide on which one to pick. Highly recommend the Dunham Farm!

Madison Petty

The Dunham farm is amazing. Todd was so welcoming and informative about the silkies. He helped me and my kids pick out the perfect additions to our chicken family. He has a beautiful selection that are well maintained and cared for. If you need a Silkie Dunham Farm is your place! I am So happy with our experience and our chickens 🙂 Thank you Todd and the Dunham Farm!

Rhiannon Estrada

Dunham Farms were confident that Ollie would experience exceptional health and longevity, saving us pet bills and heartache in the long run. We have spent hundreds of dollars in vet bills on our “free” pets and hundreds on pedigree pets so we were impressed with Dunham Farms and our rabbit’s impressive qualities: He is exceptionally docile and friendly and seems completely unperturbed by our 4 cats and dog. He is hands down, the best rabbit we’ve seen!!!

Deb Dendleton