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visits by appointment only!

STEP 1: Text or voice message us and let us know what you are wanting to purchase.

STEP 2: We will get back to you ASAP if we have what you are looking for or to discuss availability for tours.

STEP 3: VISITS BY APPOINTMENT ONLY! Please don't show up at our gates because there will be no one to let you in.

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The Silkie chicken is the lap dog of the chicken world, very gentle and easy to care for. These fluffy little puffballs of down have continued to delight young and old alike and are a favorite for many who visit The Dunham Farm. But do they make good pets? They make for fantastic pets! With their even-tempered, low maintenance personalities, silkies are fantastic backyard chickens, great for the whole family!

A cute silkie chicken video

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We have stopped putting people on a waiting list for our silkies. The best thing to do is call or text asking about availability. We do not guarantee the sex on Silkies chicks or young—only on adults, and most are sold by then so call soon!