Serama Standards

Below is one standard used by many breeders and organizations though some are moving toward using weight ranges.

As with all newer poultry breeds introduced to the USA over the years, we believe the standards will continue to be developed and a more consistent standard of perfection will eventually be adopted. Until then, we just enjoy our Serama and attempt to breed to a most widely accepted and excellent type. Color and other issues are addressed secondary to type.

Class Roosters Hens
Micro < 9.1 ounces < 8.1 ounces
A 9.1 to 13 ounces 8.1 to 12 ounces
B 13.1 to 16 ounces 12.1 to 15 ounces
C 16.1 to 19 ounces 15.1 to 17 ounces
D over 19 ounces over 17 ounces

A Note on Classes

Micro and Class A: This size of Serama is highly sought out by many, but from my direct experience the hens may often die when they begin to lay as they cannot pass their eggs. If they do pass their eggs, they many times are infertile. They are, however, cute as can be and can make great pets and show birds.

Class B and Class C: These are the sizes we focus on for breeding. Our Class B birds have produced some awesome class A offspring. The ABA has recognized White Serama and have listed as an ideal weight for roosters as 16 ounces and the ideal weight for hens at 14 ounces.