Netherland Dwarf

Four generations of Dunhams have enjoyed raising rabbits.

Among the many breeds raised since the early 1900’s, Netherland Dwarfs have been a constant.

The Netherland dwarf is the smallest of the 49 current breeds recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA).

Netherland Dwarfs are divided into 5 color groups, Self, Shaded, Agouti, Tan Pattern, and AOV (any other variety) and judged according to the ARBA standard.

The Dunham Farm breeds for “type and temperment”

Type: A large rounded head, bold eyes, small and well-furred ears on a short compact body.

Temperment: A calm, gentle disposition that is extraodinary compared to most domestic rabbit breeds.

Due to decades of selective breeding, our Netherland Dwarf bunnies have  amazingly calm temperaments and have made the ideal pets for many people across the country and even overseas.

Here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area where raising larger livestock may be impossible, many students have found our Netherland Dwarfs to be outstanding project animals for 4-H and FFA.

The youngest, Cameron is beginning his 11th year of raising Netherlands and has been completely in charge of day-to- day care for The Dunham Farm Rabbitry.

Congrats to Cameron! 

2018 – “Best Display” of Netherland Dwarfs at the ANDRC Dwarf Nationals!

2018 – Numerous individual National Champion Netherland Dwarfs at the ANDRC Dwarf Nationals!

“Best Display” of Netherland Dwarfs at the ARBA National Convention!

2018 – Numerous individual National Champion Netherland Dwarfs at the ARBA National Convention!

2017 – “Best Display” of Netherland Dwarfs at the ARBA National Convention!

2017 – Multiple individual National Champion Netherland Dwarfs

2015 – National Champion in Netherland Dwarf sweepstakes and quality points in the USA!!!  

Your 10 years of hard work continues to pay off!

Way to go, Cameron! We are all so proud of you!

Here are a few more of Cameron’s accomplishments over the years:

  • Over 100 Best Opposite Breed, Best of Breed and Best In Shows at the highest level of ARBA competition.
  • Number one in the state of Texas
  • Number one in the region
  • Number one in the USA 
  • Has had the Best Chestnut Buck, Best of Group Agouti, Best of Variety Otter and Best of Group Tans… National Champion broken jr buck, National Champion Black Otter, National champion Opal, etc… all at ARBA conventions and Netherland Dwarf Nationals.

Keep up the great work cameron!

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