Red Golden Pheasant 

The Red Golden pheasants are one of our favorites on The Dunham Farm. It’s plumage might remind you of an Egyptian headdress and may be even more magnificent! 

Originating in the mountains of Central China, Golden Pheasants instantly became the mainstay of the ornamental pheasant hobby from their first appearance in captivity.

Come see how striking the colors our bloodlines are!

We have six unrelated genetic bloodlines of Red Golden Pheasants.  We not only keep our lines pure from inbreeding, we also practice genetic purity by not getting involved in current trends across the country to cross breed pheasants to create mutations. It is extremely hard to actually find purebred Red Golden Pheasants today as a large percentage have been crossed with Lady Amherst and other breeds. 

We love these beautiful and amazing birds and would enjoy greatly helping you get started with your aviary.