The Dunham Farm Wildlife Park

Texas’ Best Family Friendly Wildlife Experience


Having raised exotic animals for over 50 years, the Dunham Farm is finally open to the public!

Though, they have raised exotic animals for over 50 years, the Dunham Farm has settled on what is considered the most family-friendly of all exoctic species. 

You can see our complete list of animals we raise below!

If you are looking for the most unique up close and personal experience you can have with exotic animals and fun for the whole family, visit the Dunham Farm Wildlife Park today!


Admission Rates and Experiences

Visual Tour 

Enjoy a completely private walkthrough experience! See all of your favorite animals up close for this experience that lasts up to 1 hour. 

$80 base price covers up to 4 guests (additional guests $15 each).

Kids 2 and under free after $80 base price is met.

Birthday Party Tour 

Celebrating a birthday? Try out a birthday package! This package includes a walk-through experience and treat-feeding from outside of the enclosures.

  • $350
  • Experience lasts up to 2 hours
  • Up to 20 guests
  • Portable picnic tables set up at chosen location

VIP Tour

Want to get up close and personal with the animals? Book a VIP Tour! You and your group will be inside the pen with various animals petting and feeding them in this completely private experience that lasts up to 2 hours!

 $400 for up to 4 guests

Additional guests @ $75 per person

*No pets, firearms, alcohol or outside food for animals allowed on the premises.

What Amazing Animals Could You See at the Dunham Farm Wildlife Park?



Giant Aldabra Tortoises

Giant Sulcata Tortoises

Patagonian Cavy

Tragopan Pheasants

Reeves Pheasants

Himalayan Monals

Hume’s Bartail Pheasants

Red Golden Pheasants

Emu (Every Color)

Brown Eared Pheasants

Silkie Chickens (Every Color)

Peafowl (Every Color)

Fallow Deer

Netherland Dwarf Bunnies

Black Buck

Blue-and-Yellow Macaw